Helen Seddon-Gray

Helen Seddon-Gray embarked on the Joint Course at the University of Manchester and the Royal Northern College of Music studying French Horn and Eighteenth-Century Hand Horn under the tutelage of David Cripps, Bob Ashworth and Beccy Goldberg. She subsequently went back to the University of Manchester to study for a Masters degree and a PhD in composition under the supervision of the composer John Casken.

Helen has composed many works since, including On Eagles’ Wings for solo piano, premiered by the pianist Damian Girvin, Lullaby for Lila toured by the DYAD percussion duo and Elfin, performed at the New Music North West Festival by the RNCM New Music Ensemble. Currently, Helen holds a post of Academic Tutor at the RNCM, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students. A recent course that she runs, Music as an Expression of Community has spawned an interest in the North Indian Khyal vocal style which has led to the composition of Lalit.


Helen Seddon-Gray

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Horn Club series


Solo horn

Lalit (based on an Indian Raga)
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Helen Seddon-Gray
Lalit (full pdf version)
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    Helen Seddon-Gray
Chamber Music series
Lullaby for Lila for percussion duo
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Helen Seddon-Gray
On Eagles' Wings for piano
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Helen Seddon-Gray